5 Things We Are Buying Next from Alessi

by jadams

Tools & toys

Are you having a blast with your new Alessi Salif juicers?

We met up for a staff Happy Hour last night and cranked out round after round of homemade Daiquiris.

Some of us are now wearing sunglasses at the office today. Hey … it happens.

Once you’re done playing with your new alien-esque juicer, we advise you to go to Alessi’s site. They have a whole world of awesome items that you probably don’t technically need … but you totally need.

Here are five gadgets and gizmos that we are coveting. Is it too early to send out a Christmas wish list?

The Tea-Rex Kettle

Designer Michael Graves created this shiny, stainless steel kettle in 2015, placing a small, mythical dragon on the spout. The whistle and subsequent steam pouring out of it is suddenly a moment of performance art. By a kettle. Aces.

The Nutcracker Strongman

How often do we crack nuts? To be honest … not that often. However, maybe we just haven’t had a fun-yet-functional, circus-themed nutcracker. Imagine this on your table. You’d buy so many pecans. There would be pie. This thing is basically a gateway to pie. Sign us up.



The Tegamino Egg Pan

They say you eat with your eyes first. Give your guests something to feast their’s upon. The Tegamino is reminiscent of the shape of an egg, but it’s crafted from trilaminate, with a  stainless steel lid––making it ideal for cooking eggs efficiently, even for methods like cooking in water.


The Flambé Pan La Cintura di Orione

Made with the advice of Star Chef Angelo Paracucchi, the flambé pan is a perfect tool to flambé like a master. Produced in two-ply, with stunning chrome finish and a wooden handle, it is designed to be comfortable and easy to use.


The Barkvase

The Barkvase is the result of a collection designed by Michael Boucquillon and Donia Maaoui inspiered by the trees that surround their house. The flower vase is made by cutting and laser perforating sheet steel. It’s striking and modern but also ever evolving as you move around it.

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