A New Favorite Camping Gadget

by jadams

Tools & toys

Our “Life in Motion” edition was the latest to hit doorsteps. It featured a delicious, pine-forward Terroir Gin, by St. George Spirits, as well as a collection of CBD-infused lotions and drops, by Aethics.

This issue also brought members our latest favorite item to take camping––The Sawyer Utility Bracelet, by Higher Objects.

Sleek, rugged, certainly an understated statement piece, it’s one of the most fun/functional gadgets we’ve ever come across. This bracelet hides both a two-blade knife and a flathead screw driver. It’s perfect for cutting brush to get your fire started, for trimming your fishing line, for tightening a loose bolt … or, for cutting up limes for a few Gin & Tonics among the trees. Really, if you have a Gin & Tonic, the loose bolt on your kayak doesn’t seem so worrisome, right?

Summer will be here before we know it. We’ve been scouting a few hiking locations. We will put this little go-anywhere device to good use, for sure.

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