Georgian Era Jewelry: Larkspur & Hawk

by jadams

Deep Thoughts

Emily Satloff was born and raised in New York City, beginning her career at the New York Historical Society. She earned a degree in the History of the Decorative Arts and worked for a time as the curatorial consultant at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Her passion for antique jewelry, backed in an extensive foundation of study and work, only grew, and today, one of New York City’s top antique jewelry dealers now creates modern pieces with designs inspired by the delicate, foiled jewels from the Georgian Era.  

Emily Satloff’s creations have a touch of sentimentality and romance that draw us in every time. Impressive, but feminine, they are noticeable, but nuanced.  

“Women gravitate towards our use of color,” she says, “and love that each piece can be worn both casually and dressed up, making it a perfect, unique gift. Foiled jewelry began as a practical solution for 18th century jewelers, who didn’t have the modern stone-cutting techniques to create brilliant, faceted stones. These were designed to glow in candlelight––the predominant light source at the time. Today, the unique, one-of-a-kind range of colors provided by the hand-set foils similarly illuminates the modern woman’s face, resulting in what we call the ‘Larkspur Glow.’” 

Her creations are always changing, because she designs around whatever is inspiring her in the moment. 

“I love to see how different the same piece can look on different women, as each lends their own air of confidence and attitude to her personal style,” Satloff says. 

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