Kyle MacLachlan on Chivalry, Wine & Loving Fig Newmans.

by jadams

Deep Thoughts

To us, Kyle MacLachlan personifies the word dapper. He bring a sense of refinement to his roles and has a distinctive, enviable personal style, as well.

You’ll likely remember him from the original Twin Peaks (he’s now reprising that same role in the miniseries’ 2017 return to television), as well as his characters in How I Met Your Mother, Sex & The City and Desperate Housewives. 




We were honored to have a chat with such an accomplished actor, excited to find that he’s  a partner in a Washington winery and that his got a serious addiction when it comes to a certain snack.

You were in the original Twin Peaks, and now you’re back in the remake that premiered this May! Can you tell us a little about shooting it and your role in that?

I play Special Agent Dale Cooper in the new Twin Peaks. He is a character both simple and complex, morally upright and intuitive. Returning to Twin Peaks is a dream come true for me. I love this character so much and the opportunity to revisit him under the direction of David Lynch was an incredible experience.


You play a lot of rather dapper characters. Do you think you bring your sense of personal style into the characters you play … or, do they influence your own style in real life?

It goes back and forth. I always let the character lead during the discovery process and throughout filming. To this point, my work on-screen hasn’t had much influence over my day-to-day, although I do like the look of the suit Cooper wears in Twin Peaks!


What does it mean to be a gentleman in our modern times?

Some qualities of a gentleman never go out of fashion. I think courtesy, empathy, resilience, grace and inner strength are virtues worth practicing.


What was your most recent act of chivalry?

A gentleman would never tell.


Solid point.  If your personal style had a cornerstone – what would that be?

A great fitting pair of Levi’s, a James Perse T-shirt, boots from Saddlers Union and a bespoke, Nigel Curtiss suit.  


What are three things every gentleman should own?

Personal stationery. Cufflinks from your dad. A great cashmere sweater.


What are three qualities every gentleman should possess?

Perseverance, a sense of humor, knowing when to speak and when to listen.


 What’s your favorite way to experience luxury in life?

My wife and I enjoy traveling and experiencing hotels that speak of a country’s traditions. We were recently in Morocco and had the pleasure of staying at La Mamounia in Marrakech. It’s an exceptional hotel.


While we love that you are too much of a gentleman to brag about your last act of chivalry, will you tell us your favorite vices?

Monday Night Football, hitting practice balls, Fig Newmans, Washington Cabernet, and coffee. Way too much coffee.


You can check Kyle out in his element as Agent Dale Cooper on Twin Peaks now airing on Showtime. However, the man has a serious love of great wines. He’s a partner in a label called Pursued by Bear, out of the Pacific Northwest. We are excited to snag their new Cabernet Sauvignon lands this fall, and feel it would make a fine addition to your dinner table, too.

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