Our Latest Apparel Obsession : Psycho Bunny

by jadams

Deep Thoughts

The bunny is funny.

There’s some truth to the rhyme, and to the reason we immediately gravitate to this brand, who was kind enough to join us in not only our June edition of Robb Vices, but also our CNN box that we launched around Father’s Day.

However, behind that bunny logo is some serious tailoring, whether you pick up a pair of their socks, made from a Peruvian, Pima cotton blend, or you get yourself a Polo, featuring the perfect mix of English tailoring and bold American design.

Co-Founders Robert Godley and Robert Goldman got the idea to form Psycho Bunny originally with a line of irreverent neckties that they debuted in 2005. The men were interested in and inspired by the secret societies of old and by the pirates of the 17th century––men with flair, extreme wealth and non-conformist agendas.

Godley first sketched a skull and crossbones onto a napkin in a meeting. It was one of those key moments in a business venture that you never see coming, but the little character was instantly appealing and unforgettable. The Psycho Bunny brand came alive.

Today, they still offer those gorgeous, original silk ties. They now also sell socks, Polo shirts, golf apparel, shorts, tees, sweaters and a full line of accessories like wallets, belts and scarves.

This is our latest apparel obsession, because no brand has quite captured so effortlessly our love of fine tailoring, alongside a sense of adoring vice quite like Psycho Bunny.

Check them out here.

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