Meet the Creator of Our Culinary Obsession

by jadams

Deep Thoughts

fixx may lowercase in font, but the flavors are huge and fun and so inventive. This chocolate company has partnered with Robb Vices not once, but twice. After our Melt box debuted this past February with the insanely delicious chocolates on sticks, built for creating decadent fondue, we had to sit down for a chat with fixx Creator/Owner, Nikki Economides.

You’re quite the world traveler. Can you tell us how travel shaped your company?

My candy bar epiphany came shortly after a trip to Madagascar in June of 2012.  I traveled across the world to see cacao trees and to see how chocolate is made from beginning to end with all of the hands that help along the way.  I planted a cacao tree, removed pods from trees, stomped on fermenting cacao beans, and pushed roasting trays out of the sun.  It was inspirational meeting the people and seeing the process.  I was also lucky enough to spend the entire trip rubbing shoulders with several very established chocolatiers.  It was interesting to me that they all had similar product lines of bonbons, chocolate bars (like a Hershey bar,) hot chocolate mixtures, confections, etc.

Did you get started right away on building fixx?

After returning from Madagascar, I promptly donated quite a bit of my possessions to less fortunate folks and jumped back into my pastry chef life.  And then, one month later, I bought a candy bar for a snack, I walked into my kitchen and got goose bumps!  My heart started racing and I knew I was supposed to make better candy bars – filled with nougats, caramels, nuts, fruits…better than anything else out there.  My lightning bolt struck!  In March of 2013, the first delivery of fixx chocolates hit the shelves.

What’s behind the name fixx?

Finding a name for the company was one of the hardest elements to starting the company. Trying to come up with a name that encompasses all of the feelings I have for the company and communicates those feelings to others isn’t easy. I worked on it for several months without finding a name that struck a cord. I actually gave up on it and turned my focus to creating the candy bars to start the company. When I had a long list of developed products, I decided the company definitely needed a name so started asking complete strangers how they would describe the chocolates I was making.

You just took it to the masses?

I was the person on the street corner, in the subway, in line at the store … asking anyone how they would describe the chocolates. Nothing worked and then I took a trip to New York City for some research. I stopped in BXL Café and ordered some mussels and a beer. I asked a server how she would describe the chocolates and the first word she said was “fetish.” We all smiled and decided it wasn’t the right fit for fun, approachable and elegant chocolates. After another beer and a little word-smithing with my sister, fetish became fixe and then finally fixx chocolates.

We are obsessed with your chocolates and have actually featured them in two of our editions––both our Melt theme box in 2018 and our Love is Art box in 2017. Do you have a particular flavor or style that you are obsessed with?

Every single item I make is an obsession.  I enjoy different chocolates based on the day and how I’m feeling.  Some days only an andy’s bar filled with peanut butter, passion fruit jelly and corn flakes will work.  On other days, I may want the gary’s bar that has caramel, bourbon and pecans all wrapped up in one chocolate.  And then again, I can become completely obsessed with jim’s brittle, sweet, salty, spicy, so good!

We are all about living the good life, here at Robb Vices. What have you done recently that you’d consider an awesome, noteworthy effort at living the good life?

I’m newly married and I would say that’s quite noteworthy.  In 2012, I decided it was time for some change, so was open to anything new. That’s led to fixx chocolates, a new husband, a new family, and a new home in a different town.  All have been awesome!  I also believe the good life can be found in small moments if we have the time to appreciate them.  It can be the moment my husband reaches for my hand while we’re watching a movie.  It can also be the moment we decide we should definitely have foie gras monthly.

What’s coming up that people should check out over at fixx in terms of new flavors and fun purchases?

Fixx chocolates has been adding some confections recently that are super tasty.  You can find the highly addictive jim’s brittle, cashews and cayenne with dark chocolate and sea salt but there is also maddie’s mocha madness which is just straight up crystallized espresso beans with dark chocolate.  And don’t forget jerry’s beer nuts, which is assorted nuts roasted with maple syrup, bacon and sriracha.  They go down by the handful and definitely have a nice kick!   Two new chocolate shard flavors were designed for Robb Vices and there will be more of these to come.





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