Meet Frescobol Caricoa … Now In Our Father’s Day Shop

by jadams

Travel & Play

Even if you are simply shopping for yourself, our Father’s Day Shop on Vices Reserve is a wonderful place to play around. From resto-mod Ford Broncos to the latest in swimwear and beach toys, we have summer on lockdown.

We wanted to take this moment to introduce you to a company out of sunny Brazil, devoted to making beach trips both physically and visually playful.

Launched in 2013, Frescobol Carioca had a simple inspiration: to spread the joys of Carioca lifestyle. Laid-back, sexy, and indefinably cool, Rio de Janeiro combines its irresistible inhabitants with an incredible backdrop encompassing rainforest, pristine beach, and modernist urban architecture.

Their ready-to-wear collection champions refined fabrics, effortless tailoring, and elevated basics, while the signature printed swimwear draws on the traditional mosaic sidewalk of Rio’s beaches.

They add to that fashion lineup a set of paddles for playing on the sand or in the surf. Their cherry wood frescobol paddles, one official red frescobol ball and a beach tote-bag make great gift ideas or just personal accoutrements for summer vacation. A proprietary marine grade honeycomb structured American cherry wood yields a very light, durable and perfectly balanced paddle. Premium padded grip with twin-channel system provides ultimate comfort and air flow, while the high-tack elastomer surface ensures a firm grip.

Head on over to Vices Reserve to check out our collection. Need additional prints and paddles? Want that effortless, Brazilian style when heading out at night or even a gift for your lady? They have so many options to peruse and purchase. You can find them here.

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