RECIPE: The Kill Sauce Margarita

by jadams

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Our fridge looks like the United Nations held a hot sauce convention. And, if you’ve been a member for a minute, you know how much we love gifting you a bottle of something spicy.

Hot sauce helps bring out the flavor in so many dishes, from tacos to pastas, our favorite chili recipes to our simple, scrambled morning eggs.

Our October 2018 Edition

It’s also something we reach for when making cocktails at home. This October issue, we gave members two bottles of Kill Sauce––a boutique company that only makes around 5,000 bottles per year.

We contacted Kill Sauce for a great recipe and they were happy to oblige. Try whipping up a batch of these Jalapeño Margaritas for a weekend brunch.

This recipe will yield 3 to 4 drinks.


3/4 cup of silver tequila (We like to substitute Ilegal Joven mezcal, too)

1 jalapeño pepper

1/2 cup fresh lime juice

1/4 cup Jalapeño Kill Sauce

1 oz. of simple syrup

2 cups crushed ice


Blend everything in blender until desired consistency. Note, if you like a “slushier” Margarita, try adding more ice.

Rim Margarita glasses with salt (or, some Farm Candy Habanero Citrus Salt if you have any left) and slice fresh cucumber and jalapenos for garnish. Fill glasses, garnish and serve immediately.

PS …

They also sell some very cool art on their site. Go check it out!

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