Recipe: Rosé-based Oyster Mignonette

by jadams

Eat & Drink

September will bring us into a long and delicious oyster season once more. If you were a member in May, it’s time to make good use of that Real Oyster Cult App on your phone and our voucher for 20 free bivalves.

A good mignonette is a must and it’s super easy to whip one up at home. In fact, we bet there’s a good possibility you have everything it takes in your pantry and/or fridge right now.

A mignonette classically needs a little bite from onion or shallot … and even chilies, if you’re feeling it. Then the base is some type of vinegar, maybe a splash of citrus, and definitely a sprinkle of pepper.

We have a recipe that brings the best of the sea and the cellar together, using bright and tart Rosé instead of red wine vinegar as the base.

Yields enough for roughly a dozen oysters

1/4 cup Rosé wine (a dry, tart and bright style works best)

1 Tbsp. minced shallot

¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

12 freshly shucked oysters

1 chilled bottle of Rosé to drink while shucking (Non-Optional)

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