The Robb Vices Gift Guide 2017

by jadams

Eat & Drink

At Robb Vices, we feel we are good at many things. For instance, we are pretty adept at picking out a beautiful bottle of wine for a table, and we excel (most nights) at cooking an elegant meal. We are also fantastic at finishing off an entire box of cookies and not thinking twice about opening a second box immediately after. What can we say. Talent.  

However, our greatest skill is gifting. It’s the foundation of our company, after all, to bring the coolest items from around the world right to your doorstep.

This year, we’ve created what we feel is the perfect gift guide.

We’ve gone back through the years and looked forward to next year. From just released culinary gadgets to our favorite sweets, from perfect stereo sound to exotic spices … to those truly fantastic bottles of wine and, of course, cookies … this year, everyone’s getting what they want.

For the Coffee Obsessive :

The Breville Oracle Touch, $2,500

If you’re significant other chooses your home coffee the way a sommelier chooses a wine list, then this is the year to splurge on the new Breville Oracle Touch.

Breville has grown to become an iconic global brand, renowned for thoughtful design and brilliant innovation. When they invited us out for a morning of incredible coffee education at the Joe Pro Shop in New York City this fall, we fell in love with this machine.

It’s built for the hardcore of Espresso enthusiast, but it’s easy enough for your 8-year-old to operate. (It’s 2017. There’s a chance your 8-year-old is a hardcore espresso enthusiast.)

The gorgeous cafe-styled operation allows you to simply brew or get extremely specific on lattes and cappuccinos. A touchscreen saves custom preferences under whatever names you enter, and this is one of the only home systems in existence that allows one to pull shots of espresso and steam milk at the same time, with the water temperature fully adjustable. 

For the Music, News or Sports Lover :

The Stellé Audio Smart Pillar, $299

Stellé launched a killer wireless pillar with 360-degree surround sound a few years back. Sleek, noticeable-but-unobtrusive and available in a great range of colors and cool finishes, it quickly became our favorite way to listen to music, the news or the latest podcast. (Seriously, have you guys listened to the S-Town series yet? Whoa.)

Their new Smart Pillar has the same awesome design, but is now compatible with Alexa and Amazon. This means you can order a bottle of Champagne, check the weather, find a recipe for apple pie, fire up some David Bowie, learn about the capital city of Tibet, and, oh, about 2,500 other things … without ever touching a button.

Again … whoa.

For the Neighbors :

Big Picture Farms Salt & Bourbon Vanilla Goat Milk Caramels, $10

A great gift for the neighbors is actually tougher than it sounds. First and foremost, you like them, hopefully. And you need these people to like you back. Who’s going to collect your mail when you go off to Bora Bora? Then, you have to consider that they are getting a million other gifts. Your little something better stack up.

The answer is one of our all-time favorite items from 2017. Inside a cool, brown box decorated with adorable illustrations of goats exists what may be the most delicious caramels in the entire known world. These Vermont-made confections melt in your mouth with incredible sweetness, but also deeper, richer hints of Bourbon and the tang of sea salt. Order extras as stocking stuffers. You can write us a thank-you note while you chew.

For the World Traveler :

The Meadow’s Exotic Salt Set, $60

The Meadow is an incredible store in New York City and they’ve also got a shop in Portland. Worth a visit if you love salt, bitters and chocolate – which is exactly what they focus on. They offer adorable salt collections, each built around a theme like Smoke, Popcorn and Dessert. We like the Exotic Set, which includes fine salts blended with essences from around the world. The set features a Saffron, a Blue Lavender and a Black Truffle salt.

For the Fitness Fans :

The Custom Misfit Ray, $80

This company offers a water-proof fitness tracker that’s actually fashionable. You can customize the band and the aluminum cylinder and the battery lasts for four months without charging. Vibration alerts let you know when you’ve hit certain goals, have a text or need an alarm reminder, and this little gadget will track not just steps but also calories, laps in a pool or your sleep patterns.

For the Spirits Lover :

Highspire Rye Whiskey, $48

Highspire is created in Crestwood, Kentucky, just a few minutes from Louisville. Its base is Ryman rye, and it’s double, copper pot distilled. It’s absolutely a great rye for rye lovers, with those bold and spicy notes one comes to expect and adore. However, Highspire is simultaneously unlike any other rye on the market. First, it’s made with 100-percent rye. No corn. No other grains. Secondly, Distiller Austin Hope began this adventure from the perspective of a winemaker. “When I set out to make a rye whiskey, I set out to focus on the actual grain, the way a winemaker wants to focus on the grape,” he says. “I knew in my mind what I wanted to do, but I still had to go and learn it.”

“I also developed a specific wood stave with a cooperage. We insert those into used wine barrels from my winery, fill it with the whiskey and leave it for 90 days,” he says. “Then, we blend. Some of the whiskey might be six months, some a year. It’s all less than four years old.”

For the Introvert :

The Northbound Notebook, $55

Our September box featured a partnership with this company that creates gorgeous notebooks filled with striking, soft white pressed paper and buffalo-leather covers. The Robb Vices edition is still available! And, we feel they make a thoughtful gift for that quiet, thoughtful person in your life. You know the one you tell all your secrets to? Yeah, give them somewhere to write those devious little admissions down. Who knows? Maybe your exploits will inspire a novel.

For the Extrovert :

Shacksbury Semi-Dry Cider, $50/12-pack

In a single can of this Vermont-made cider, you’ll find the juice from Jonagold, Spartan, McIntosh, Empire, Ellis Bitters, Browns, Michelin, Somerset Redstreak and Dabinett apples. Native yeast and a six-month aging create a sip that’s bright and bold, tart and lightly, ever-so-slightly, sweet. Iced down in a cooler and popped on a sunny, blue-sky day while sitting on a tailgate, Shacksbury provides one of the world’s simplest pleasures. They also pair beautifully with fine cheeses, grilled pork or chicken and a range of seafood––particularly oysters.

For Yourself :

Radicé Organic Black Currant Cream, $70

If you’re going to truly pamper someone in 2018, maybe it should be you? More than once, Radicé Founder Jasmine Uriza has been likened to Audrey Hepburn. She has a certain pixie look about her and an honest, flawless, bright type of beauty. Her secret might be due in part to good genes, but it’s certainly due in large to her nature-based, vegan, incredible skincare line.

A passion for beautiful, healthy and happy skin started when Uriza was just a girl, growing up in Tuscany with her family and her grandmother, who was a pharmacist. She’s since spent a lifetime cultivating plants, herbs, fruits and botanicals with restorative products and engineering them into tinctures and tonics, spritzes and creams. The Blackcurrant Cream utilizes chamomile and aloe, as well as marigold oil to protect the skin and promote vitality. It’s the ultimate for reviving skin after long-haul flights, too.


And, of course, the ultimate gift is always Robb Vices.

Why get someone one thing, when you could give them a collection from around the world, right to their doorstep, every single month?

Happiest Holidays to you all!

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