All Things Great AND Small : Our Favorite Stocking Stuffers

by jadams

Tools & toys

— little items that leave a big impression —



Tea Forte’s Loose Leaf Cannister Tea

Certified organic. Striking labels and packaging. Each cannister is 100-percent recyclable. What’s not to love? Each Tea Forte cannister makes 30 to 50 cups of tea, with flavors for everyone, from Cherry Cosmo to Blueberry Merlot to Blood Orange.

fixx chocolates

This company takes your favorite childhood candy bars and elevates them via ingredients like exotic nuts, fun cereals, pretzels, coconut, and even bourbon.  We love their Tryst collection, which gives you a sampler of six mini candy bars. 

A 12-pack of Rocky Mountain Sodas

Custom-crafted, small batch sodas with vintage-styled packaging make a wonderful gift to drop on your best-friend’s doorstep in December. Take it one step further and create a tiny recipe book for craft cocktails using each flavor.


A Hot Sauce Collection

For the hot sauce fans in your life, create an awesome stocking full. We’d advise a bottle of Hank Sauce, a bottle of Kill Sauce and a bottle of NW Elixirs. Plus, most hot sauce companies offer gift packs. We like the idea of purchasing several gift packs from several companies to break them apart and personalized baskets of spicy goodness for friends.

Skincare for the Boys

Everyone deserves a little pampering during the holidays. This year, don’t overlook the men in your life when it comes to skincare. Port Products has awesome stocking stuffers, including protein shampoos and marine-layer face masks.

Bath & Body Oil by Herb & Root

Winter can be brutal on your skin. Herb & Root makes an amazing array of products, starting with a fragrant, botanical and root-based line of luxury bath and body oils. Housed in simple, classic glass bottles that look beautiful on your bathroom counter, the deep oils can be added to a hot bubble bath or rubbed directly into skin. They also make a line of edible massage oils. A little fun planned for New Year’s Eve, perhaps?

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