Ultimate Date Night : Circa Brewing + Alamo Drafthouse

by jadams

Eat & Drink

We love a great date night. Whether it’s with a lover or with a friend, whether you’ve been together for decades or it’s just the third time you’re hanging out––a perfect date is like a mini adventure.

We’ve got an ultimate Robb Vices New York Date Night suggestion. Your evening has everything you need, from cocktails to tons of food, dark corners for sneaking kisses to popcorn, hand-holding and multiple settings. Hang on to your hats, cause it’s also all in walking distance.  You’re welcome, members.

6 p.m.

Circa Brewing Co.

Downtown, Brooklyn

This massive, artfully designed brewery in downtown Brooklyn feels like a party in some crazy loft warehouse. You’ve got a choice of dozens of beer labels, but we personally cannot get enough of Circa’s awesome in-house brews, like the Session IPA. It’s dry hopped with galaxy, citra and mosaic. What does that mean? We aren’t sure … but it does taste like stardust and happiness. (a.k.a., extremely refreshing with a nice punch of bitter)

The claim-to-fame here is the wood-fired pizzas by Chef Shawn Burnett. He’s created a mashup of a Middle Eastern sandwich and a Italian pie in his Shawarma Pizza, which has lamb merguez sausage, mozzarella, spicy harissa, mustard greens, parsley and mint.

It’s tempting to stay at Circa. We’ve been known to blow off our obligations and linger in front of the flatscreens for big sports games. However, it’s date night. It’s time to move. And, you can always come back because they are open and serving drinks until 2 am on weekends.

8 p.m.

The House of Wax Bar

Downtown Brooklyn

Photo Credit : Joshua Bright for The New York Times

We’d be regulars at the House of Wax if it weren’t attached to our favorite cinema, The Alamo Drafthouse. The craft cocktails are beautifully balanced, and the setting is surreal.

You enter a vaudeville-style room that’s based upon the old traveling freakshows of the 1800s. Thick draperies, dark woods and high-top tables are lit by ambient, hanging chandeliers. The walls are glass curio cases, featuring life-size, realistic displays of anatomy, pathology and anthropology. There are death masks of deceased celebrities. It’s creepy kitsch with a fantastic tap list and we love it.

9 p.m.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Downtown Brooklyn

Take the escalators (and your cocktail) right up to the movie theater for the show. Terror Tuesdays are great fun if you’re a fan of old-school horror. They play all the cult classics, from hosting a Halloween Gremlins party complete with the director showing up to answer questions to re-screening Jaws and the original Nightmare On Elm Street.

You can also catch movies of other genres that you might have missed on the big screen when they debuted decades ago, and those craft cocktails from downstairs continue to flow … delivered right to your seat. You’re already stuffed from Circa, no doubt, but a fourth meal is never something we shy away from. The cheeseburgers here are outstanding. Popcorn is a great choice too, but the nachos are even better.




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