Video Guide to Using a Georg Jensen Sabre

by jadams

Tools & toys

It was Georg Jensen’s approach of beauty added to function that was not merely ahead of the times, but also defining of the times. His pieces were not pretty from the front or merely elegant from the right angle. They could be flipped, turned, and rotated, with each aspect offering just as beautiful a face as the next.

In your box this month, you’ll find what we feel to be the most beautiful Champagne saber on the market anywhere today.

You might mistake it for sterling, but it’s actually made of highly polished stainless steel. There are only a few artisans capable of doing this in the world today, and they live in China. The team at Georg Jensen sought them out specifically to recreate these modern, very Danish, sabers.

To misstep even in the slightest in production can ruin the piece. Each takes weeks to create and true to George Jensen’s own beliefs, it can be viewed as a thing of beauty and perfection from any angle, any direction.

Don’t be scared to use it. Honestly, it’s very simple if you follow the right tips. Chill it. De-cage. Find the seam. One swift motion. Click the video below and you’re all set to saber! Cheers!

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